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Any self respecting stoner has either smoked out of or owned a bong at one point in their lifetime. For most stoners hitting their first bong is a right of passage. Every true stoner remembers the first time they smoked out of a bong; weather it was a homemade bong, cheap acrylic bong, glass bong, or one of the many high quality glass bongs like roor, ehle, phx, or illadelph. Whatever type you had your first bong experience with you surely remember the very first rip. They really are magical; there is something mystifying about watching the smoke fill the tube, slowly inching closer and closer to your lungs.

For those not so lucky, that are still searching to buy a bong or to find the perfect bong for sale you have come to the right place. Premiumbongs.com is dedicated to bringing the widest selection of bongs from all quality and price ranges. If we can not help you find the right bong than there is something wrong with you.

When it comes to purchasing a bong, one must not take it lightly. Just going to your local headshop with no ideas in mind besides "Me want bong" is going to lead to a decision you will regret later. Here is my first recommendation

Buy your bong online.

Top 3 reasons buying a bong online is better than a headshop.

1. Safer. When you buy a bong at a headshop in many states you are just asking for trouble. Purchasing a bong online is the safest way because of the privacy it offers. Online headshops are based in Europe where bongs and the such are perfectly legal; Unlike at a headshop there is 0% possibility of getting busted buying a bong online.

2. Selection. If you are lucky enough to have a headshop near you that even stocks bongs you are going to be stuck with a selection of bongs picked by one person (the headshop owner). Generally only mainstream bongs are at headshops, and who wants those anyway. When you purchase online you have the greatest selection of all types of bongs. When you buy a bong online you have literally hundreds to pick from.

3. Price. You will never get a bong as cheap as you can online. The secret that headshops don't want you to know is that they buy their bongs online and than resell them to you at three times markup. So that $300 bong your friend just bought you could have snagged for $100 online.

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Now that I know I should purchase my bong online can you teach me how to pick the right bong?

The 5 questions you must ask yourself before you purchase your next bong.

1. Where am I going to use it?
If you toke only at your house than you have a lot of options of available. You can purchase basically anything. Small bongs, percolator bongs, large bongs, roor bongs. Now if you are one of those people that likes to toke on the go and/or at parties but still want a bong than you are best off with a smaller bong, cheap bong, acrylic bong, mini bong.

2. How clumsy am I?
If you are very clumsy you might not want to buy a percolator bong, zong bong, or roor bong. You might be best off purchasing a cheap or acrylic bong.

3. Do name brands matter to me?
If you always have to have the best Nike air jordans or the newest Apple Ipod than you might want a branded bong to show off your loyalty. The best name brand bongs are illadelph bongs, phx bongs, roor bongs, and EHLE bongs

4. Do I want a glass bong or a non glass?
You can either buy glass bongs, pyrex bongs, ceramic, or acrylic bongs. If you are planning on bringing your bong with you than I would go with any of the last three. If you mostly use your bong at home, as it should be, I would go with a glass bong. Glass bongs are the best in terms of smoking pleasure.

5. Do I want percolators, ice notches, or a straight tube.
Percolators are great as they will reduce the harshness but they are also harder to take hits from. If you have asthma or trouble breathing than percolators are not recommended. The more percolators a bong has the more drag it has but the smoother it will hit. Ice notches are always a must because you don't have to put in ice every time you smoke but let me tell you they are nice when you need them! Straight tubes give you the biggest hit but they are the most harsh! For more information on bongs in general check out our bong information page

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Now that I know what type of bong that I want how much is this going to cost me?

Bong prices.

Cheap Bongs - $10+
Mini Bongs - $30+
Acrylic Bongs - $10+
Ceramic Bongs - $50+
Percolator Bongs - $100+
Straight Bongs - $50+
Name brand Bongs - $300+
Roor Bongs - $250+
EHLE Bongs - $100+

Types of Bongs.

Glass on glass - Glass on glass bongs come in many different times. Everything is made out of glass (bong, slide, and bowl head). They come in beaker and flat base, straight tubes and zong tubes. Some have percolators and ice notches.

Acrylic - Acrylic bongs are essentially plastic. They are nice because of how inexpensive and durable they are. For many an acrylic bong is the very bong that they ever purchase. However, I would recommend a glass on glass bong over an acrylic every time. Acrylic mostly just come in straight tubes but occasionally you will find different types of acrylic bongs.

Ceramic - Ceramic bongs are made out of a clay like material. They break easy and don't look very good. The only thing going for ceramic bongs is how cheap they are.

Waterpipes vs Bongs.

Many people ask me, what is the difference between a waterpipe and bong and why does my headshop not want me to say bong? The answer to this is simple. A waterpipe is a bong and a bong is a waterpipe. Headshops always have undercover cops in the store looking for drug deals and other illegal activity and "bong" suggests that it is being used for weed. I know, it does not make sense to me either.

Homemade bongs

A bong can be constructed out of virtually any air tight container as long as you can add a bong and slide. Many different types of homemade bongs exist; the best part about homemade bongs is how you can substitute for not having a proper smoking device such as a pipe, bubbler, or real bong. Although nothing is truly like having a real, genuine glass bong a homemade one can help get you by until you can actually buy a bong.

Another great thing about making a homemade bong is using our own creativity to make a unique smoking device! You can make a gravity bong, bongs out of fruit or vegetables, water bottle bongs, and glass bottle bongs.

Homemade bongs aren't all fun and games though. Many of them will give you a horrible plastic taste. So that is always why I say a homemade bong, no matter how good, is never a true substitute for a quality glass bong.

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How can I get the best deal on a bong?

If you want to get the best deal on your new bong you can either check out some of the online headshops and wait until you find a good deal or you can enter your email and I'll send you my bong buyers guide that has the one weird hack to get you 50% off any bong!

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